John Miles Runner

John Miles Runner works make bold political statements. His interest lay in presenting the viewer with universal truths, in unexpected ways, prompting one to explore not only the works but the issues they present.

I am attempting to impart this awareness in as many ways as possible. In the series of prints, of which 01,82 are a part, i replaced the most personal information a person has, their face, with their country code. This says clearly to the viewer that their personal information is in fact only a string of numbers. Birthdays to zip codes are all numbers we use to identify ourselves, and the irony that our personal information, is now so impersonal becomes obvious. Take the video installations (Where the Day Goes). Seamlessly looping common tasks most all of us HAVE to do, in the bottom of trash cans, shows the bulk of our modern existence to be a waste of time. In Exponential Pattern the repetitious and cyclical behavior of US energy policy has been made into a physical wallpaper pattern. Underneath is the pattern of natural cycles of the earth. On top of everything are light fixtures, sockets, an antique stove, etc symbolizing the real existing energy infrastructure we use everyday. All of these approaches reveal, in different ways, who we are in the modern world and what we are doing here.