Erin Schwinn

Erin Schwinn’s, rich and intricate work utilizes detailed patterning as a method of exploration into complex thoughts, situations and emotions. These explorations, rather than ending in some kind of satisfying resolution, lead only to new questions. The works are obsessively patterned in most minute detail. The colors and patterns at first seem “girly” and innocent, yet on closer inspection one discovers a visceral uneasiness, causing one’s experience of the work to change as one moves closer or further away. The work is organic and on going. In her most recent work, Schwinn has abandoned the artificial confines of the sheet of paper and has allowed her works to crawl over the structural surface on which she finds herself working. These installations are made up of much smaller works, each piece a complete work in itself, much like the biological systems that Schwinn finds herself drawn to.

“I am heavily influenced by the patterns in our bodies – the cells, veins, the muscles. These patterns enter my work because they are intriguing and slightly repellent. I like this duality, this beautiful grossness”