Derrick Borte

Derrick Borte, best know for his work in film, shows his keen director’s eye in his mixed media 2D works.

Borte re-purposes images taken from mass media, as well as stills, from his film work. By reorganizing and altering their context, he creates new narratives. Borte works in series, creating a montage of interconnecting disparate images. They may appear only as faint suggestions, hardly discernible. At other times they are bold statements, confronting the viewer head-on. Each image within the series is then revisited and altered. At times overtly embellished with Swarovski crystals and gold leaf, in other instances subtly altered with paint and ink, or outright defaced with spray paint.

With each piece, Borte engages the viewer by offering them a new reality to consider. As with his film work, his nuanced narrative offers us satirical view on contemporary, American popular culture.